woodworking cnc instructor neil griffith in front of stack of wood

For the past 20 years Neil Griffith has been working with wood in various capacities down to owning his own business making custom mantels and floating shelves. He also has over 13 years working in software as a support engineer and software trainer. All roads have led him to CNC fabrication.

He forced himself to learn CNC by building his first one with no experience. The marrying of technology and woodworking brought clarity and new direction to his work. Neil left the software world to become a full-time CNC Programmer and Operator for a major plastic distributor/fabrication shop in Austin working with a KOMO Industrial CNC. Now, he’s the owner of a ShopSabre IS510 and runs his own CNC custom fabrication shop creating everything from cabinet and furniture parts to jigs and templates to signs and wall art.



Projects by Neil Griffith