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Introduction to Marquetry (Online)


May 22nd, 2021 | 10:00AM to 5:00PM Central Time

Marquetry is the art of creating images in wood. These images are called motifs. Marquetry motifs are great as standalone decor or to be added to your own custom furniture.

This class is packed full of great tips and tricks and will give you the knowledge and confidence to start creating marquetry motifs on your own.

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Cabinet, Decor, Japanese, Marquetry

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Name: Introduction to Marquetry
Instructor: Ramon Valdez
Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None 

Format: Online Live Lecture (Central Standard Time Zone)


This course will be a live online demonstration and Q&A via Zoom on May 22nd at 10am Central Time.


Class Description:
Introduction to Marquetry is a comprehensive course that is designed for students new to marquetry or with some basic skills to quickly obtain the fundamental competencies necessary to craft artistic images in wood, also known as motifs. These motifs are great as standalone decor or make a perfect accent in a piece of custom furniture.

The instructor will go through the process step by step showing you the principles behind the “double bevel” marquetry technique. This will give you the understanding and confidence to easily learn additional marquetry techniques on your own and start creating marquetry motifs in your furniture. The class will focus on generally problematic areas for many students and key in on solutions to these obstacles. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of this beautiful woodworking technique and the knowledge that you need to do your first marquetry motif. For this course, you can provide your own tools and materials or you can purchase a Marquetry 101 kit directly from the instructor. The kits will be available for purchase until the end of May. They include everything that you’ll need to dive right in including an additional video course with over 4 hours of video lessons.



  • 3 Hour Demonstration & Lecture
  • 1 Hour Lunch Break
  • 3 Hour Demonstration & Lecture


What you’ll need:

Computer Equipment
– High-Speed Internet
– Zoom Video Conferencing or Internet Browser

Cartoon (Image)
– A Cartoon is the image that you will use to cut and create an image in wood. HERE is a sample that will be used in the course demonstration. You can use the sample provided or you may choose your own. It should be a simple black outlined image with no more than 24 individual shapes. Make sure the shapes are somewhat large and that your image fits nicely within a 8”x8” piece of paper.

Tools and Materials
– You can provide your own tools and materials or you can buy a package with everything you need for this course.

Order a Marquetry Kit HERE – Use the Discount Code “MCStudent” for $45 off

What’s in the kit?
– Flash drive with video tutorials
– Fret saw
– “donkey” or platform
– Small glue bottle
– Pin vise (holds tiny drill bits)
– jobber drill bits
– 3/0 blades
– Veneer pack (exotics & domestics)
– Tracing paper
– Carbon paper
– Dual ended stylus
– Substrate for assignment/project
– Backer veneer
– Manilla folder with “course objectives”, sources for tools and supplies (eg. in order to reorder drill bits, blades) Marquetry cutting tips (3 pages), drawings showing starter hole and angle of drill bit, chapter names and assignment drawing and more.

Order a Marquetry Kit HERE – Use the Discount Code “MCStudent” for $45 off

Provide your own tools and materials
– Deep reach fret saw or scroll saw
– Donkey or platform with 10 1/2 degree angle (an appropriate angle for 1/16″ [1.5 mm] veneer) If you use a scroll saw a donkey is not needed
– 3/0 blades (most likely these will be pinless)
– Jobber drill bits (around a #69)
– Pin vise
– 1/16″ [1.5 mm] veneers in various species (Kits will include 12 different species; however, one can get by with less)
– Wood glue
– Tracing paper
– Copy paper
– Tracing stylus (inexpensive and available from an art supply store. A pencil could suffice.)
– Hammer
– Masking tape. Regular masking tape not blue painters tape
– 1/4″ [6 mm] substrate for applying marquetry motif. MDF works well…plywood is okay but can tend to warp.
– Sanding block with 120 & 180 grit sandpaper


* The live session will be recorded and available to students for reference later.

* The project will only have about 24 separate “inset” pieces.
* The veneers that the Instructor sells in the MC 101 kit measure at 8″ x 6”…but this size is not critical. This is also the approximate size of the finished marquetry panel.
* A scroll saw can absolutely be used in place of a donkey and fret saw. However, tiny, intricate cuts can be extremely challenging unless one has a lot of practice at the scroll saw.

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