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Fundamentals of Surface Carving


September 23rd – 24th, 2023 | 9:00am to 5:00pm

Take your woodworking projects to the next level with this fun weekend class covering surface carving. Michael Cullen with share tips, techniques, and textures while showing students how to embellish any piece of furniture at the Austin School of Furniture.

  • Material included

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Furniture Type

carving, Decor

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Time Frame


Name: Fundamentals of Surface Carving
Instructor: Michael Cullen
Skill Level: All
Prerequisites: None

Format: Weekend In-Person


September 23rd – 24th, 2023


Class Description:

Spend the weekend with Michael as he shares his favorite patterns and textures with you. Michael will take you through the basics of sharpening gouges so you’ll be able to make crisp cuts and shapes every time without worry.  You will begin with sample boards to practice and learn the techniques of his favorite texture and patterns that range from simple to complex. Then you’ll move on to the final project, a small mirror where you will create your own carving motif.  Expect a fast paced, exciting weekend of carving, designing and creating. 

This class is geared toward furniture makers and hobbyists who want to step away from conventional techniques and woodworking, but at the same time want to add new skills and design vocabulary to their work. This workshop requires no previous experience.


Topics and skills covered will include:

  • Carving Design
  • Carving Tools
  • Basic Sharpening
  • Surface Carving
  • Incorporating Carving into Furniture


What you’ll need:


  • Carver’s mallet
    • Small or large is fine   
  • Gouge set – 5/30, 12/6, 9/10, 8/7, 9/3
    • Recommended brand Pfeil – Pfeil Swiss made gouges are very well made and they arrive sharp and ready for work.  If you do not go with Pheil, please make sure your gouges are sharp before class. 
  • Rasps
    • Recommend Brand – Ariou from France. There’s also a Chinese semi equivalent that’s not bad.  Nicholson 49s also work but they’re a bit coarse.  

Optional (If you don’t bring your own you will have to share the school’s limited quantity)

  • Sharpening strop with compound  if they have one.


Austin School of Furniture has the right to cancel this class at anytime if the minimum amount of students is not reached.

See our Refund Policy here

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