About Austin School of Furniture & Design

The Austin School of Furniture & Design is a woodworking and furniture school located in the heart of Austin. ASFD is focused on passing down the traditional craft of woodworking and fostering a creative environment for the next generation of furniture makers.

We at ASFD feel that it is extremely important to learn and understand the traditions and historical techniques of furniture construction while embracing advances in design and technology. Hand tools to computer-aided machinery are all used to cover a broad understanding of both the past and future of furniture.

The Austin School of Furniture & Design | Crafting Excellence in Furniture

It is the mission of Austin School of Furniture & Design to provide woodworkers of all skills levels with access to the highest level of furniture making education in a fun, safe and modern environment.

main working on handplane in front of students

Shota Yamaguchi passing on the craft of furniture making

Our founder, Austin Waldo, got his passion for woodworking by hanging around his grandfather’s woodshop while growing up in Kansas. Over the years he has continued to be an avid hobbyist and became involved in the woodworking industry through taking classes, managing social media for local craftsmen, and running a successful Meetup Group, the Woodworking Social Club.

In 2017, Austin recognized that the demand for a high-level furniture school in the Austin area was present. The question was then how to make it work as a business. So he set out to find the best furniture makers, investors, and industry partners to help plan, open and run such a school.

A core group of enthusiastic furniture makers came together, including Philip, Shota, Aaron and Leslie…and thus, the Austin School of Furniture & Design was born.

Group of friends drinking beer

The first happy hour of the Woodworking Social Club

The team at the Austin School of Furniture & Design is made up of Instructors and our Board of Advisors.

Our Instructors teach at ASFD on a regular basis or from time-to-time. Most, have extensive experience in woodworking, furniture making or design and can often be brought in for specialty classes, single events, and workshops.

The Board of Advisors helps to guide us in managing the school, developing the curriculum, and also teaching classes. They have great experience in woodworking, furniture making, and design and truly understand the industry.

We are always interested in hearing from qualified craftsman to add to our classes, if you think you might make a great instructor, please reach out to Contact@AustinSchoolOfFurniture.com.

woodworking furniture maker teachers of Austin School of Furniture and Design

The A-Team: Shota Yamaguchi, Austin Waldo, Philip Morley, Aaron Fox and Leslie Webb

Part-time classes at ASFD are geared toward dedicated hobbyists and aspiring furniture makers. They are held evenings and weekends to cater to students’ full-time work schedules. Part-time classes may cover a range of topics, skills, and projects. Classes will vary in duration, skill-level, and styles. As the school grows, so to do the classes. Large comprehensive and project-based classes are now being offered.

Head over to the Classes page to see the current list of available classes and details.

woman using chisel and mallet man in foreground looking a wood

Introduction to Handtools with Shota Yamaguchi

***Coming Soon***

The Austin School of Furniture & Design will soon offer comprehensive furniture immersive programs that range from an intensive week-long project build to full-time furniture maker programs. These comprehensive classes are intended for intermediate to advanced students and will require an application and interview process or ASFD instructor approval.

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To ensure our students become the next generation of innovative and talented furniture designers, ASFD will teach traditional and contemporary design concepts through the use of modern technology as well as manual drafting. Students will learn to take their design concepts from sketches to 3-D digital visualizations to scale models and prototypes.

girl women female woodworking student learning to draw furniture by hand

Introduction to Technical Drawing with Leslie Webb

The Austin School of Furniture & Design is located at 3508 E. Cesar Chavez St. and shares space with the Splinter Group. Although the school has its own dedicated space, we are also a part of a larger shared warehouse full of makers and artists. ASFD and Splinter Group strongly believe in supporting the woodworking community, furthering the craft and making shop space and education more readily available and affordable for everyone.

A look into our furniture school

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