Am I Ready Quiz (Self Test)
For all students to have the best experience possible it is important for the class as a whole to start at a similar skill level. We have found that our program best suits mid-beginners. This means that you are still a beginner and have a lot to learn but have begun to gain some experience in woodworking and furniture making. Approximately 1 year of experience in woodworking is recommended. This can be as a hobbyist, through classes, working for a friend, or part-time for a professional. Below, we have listed criteria that mid-beginners should have met before entering the program. You do not need to be good at any of these--we just want to know if you've tried them before. Take the self-quiz below by checking all that apply and add your score before submitting. If you have tried at least 7 of 10, then you are ready to apply for the 3 Month Intensive Program. Passing the quiz does not guarantee acceptance.