Dave began his journey with a mechanical engineering degree in hand and a desire to create in his heart.  He has been on the founding team of  four startups, and led two company turnarounds.  His endeavors spanned from one of the very first 3D printing technologies to outdoor lightweight backpacks.  He is the proud father and grandfather and has been a Boy Scout leader and a mentor in the Explore Austin program.

Dave has been on the school’s board since its inception.  He has been in the pursuit of becoming a craftsman for a lifetime.  He has taken on the roll of Treasurer and Community Director at the school to help promote and staff community classes. He loves to build things, and his current projects include a van conversion and random acts of furniture. Your can find more about him at this link. (www.custommadedave.com)

You can see his work at IG @custom.made.dave