Kim grew up around woodworking as her dad was a hobbyist and DIYer in their old house, so tools were not new to her by the early teenager years.  In college she might have left the wood shop window unlocked in order to carve bowls or do other projects that didn’t need power as those breakers were turned off during late night sessions.  After a career in leading wilderness expeditions, Kim returned to woodworking due to the creative problems solving and making something with her hands.  She attended Vermont Woodworking School, then joined a maker space in Denver and went on to manage it.  Later she became the Wood Studio Manager at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle for 3.5 years.  Kim’s attention is now on her own business: McIntyre Furniture. Kim will be helping the Austin School of Furniture in creating, promoting and managing its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Philanthropy programs.