Mark started woodworking as a boy, with the guidance of his hobbyist craftsman grandfather. He eventually set it aside to study religion and collected two degrees in theology.

Ministry, however, was not a happy fit for him. In his search for something more meaningful he soon returned to woodworking. During his six years apprenticing with Michael Colca, Mark learned countless woodworking techniques. But more importantly, he learned always to strive to craft the very best piece possible.

“Why are we sanding the bottom of these drawers?” Mark once asked Michael. “Nobody will know!”

Michael responded without looking up, “WE will know.”

Mark has now had his own brand since 2007. He works alone in his Wimberley shop, crafting one piece at a time and, when possible, delivering it in person. Often to faraway places.

Occasionally he writes essays, reflections on life lessons learned from being a woodworker. He keeps a blog, and has had several pieces published in woodworking magazines. “Woodworking offers up countless metaphors and windows of understanding,” he says. “It would be a shame not to explore them.”

Mark is a big believer in keeping it simple. Designs, functions, tools, techniques, and life. He is always looking for the simplest (not necessarily easiest), most elegant solution. In this way he keeps his mind as clear as possible, and encourages others to do the same.






Projects and Furniture by Mark Love