woodworker with glasses in front of workbench

Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney is a professional box and furniture maker living in the United States. Not too long ago, he spent a year designing and making 52 unique boxes. He undertook the project as a means to improve his design skills but found that the woodworking community at large was interested in what he was doing, and they followed along intently as he wrote about the boxes each week on his website (mekwoodworks.com). After he completed the project, he wrote a book about his experience: 52 Boxes in 52 Weeks (Taunton Press). He has been making Kumiko for several years and has been teaching others to make it as well. Matt teaches woodworking around the world, writes about the craft, and spent 10 years as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine, where he was featured in the magazine and instructional videos and was a co-host of the popular Shop Talk Live podcast. See what Matt is up to daily in his shop on Instagram (@mekwoodworks).