My creations are primarily one-of-a-kind pieces featured in galleries, exhibitions, and in the homes and offices of private clients.

These works of art a

re primarily contemporary – always drawing inspiration from nature’s graceful lines and gentle curves. Future heirlooms are created utilizing many exotic species of wood from around the world. Beautiful exotics, combined with domestic species are distinctive to Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture.

In 2005, I had the privilege to study under Craig Vandall Stevens, a well-known marquetarian, furniture builder, and teacher. In 2007, I had the opportunity to study furniture design with Michael C. Fortune at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

And in 2012, I returned to Anderson Ranch once again to immerse myself in the Art of Marquetry, learning new and unique techniques from a world renowned master of the craft, Silas Kopf. “The knowledge and experience that I received from these artists inspired me to approach my craft with a new found passion, always creating the highest caliber pieces with premium craftsmanship!

I create custom, contemporary furniture in my shop located in Northern New Mexico. I build both commissioned pieces for clients and speculative pieces for galleries, working with interior decorators and designers. My love of marquetry and a life-long passion for working with wood, both domestic species and some of the most beautiful, exotic species from all over the world is the ultimate for me!