The Austin School of Furniture (ASF) is transitioning to a non-profit organization.   As part of this change, we are seeking to broaden our offerings to include Community Classes.   The Community Class program is designed to appeal to less experienced woodworkers that are interested in learning about new tools, techniques, and small projects taught in a fun, less intense, short duration (2-4 hour) format.   These classes will complement, not replace, our existing professionally led longer format class structure.   

A key element of the program is a group of experienced woodworkers that volunteer to teach Community Classes to pass on their expertise and passion for the craft.  Do you have an inner teacher that wants to come out, and are you a seeking community of like minded makers to connect with? This is your opportunity.  ASF will provide the class curriculum or assist you in designing and developing the course content.   These are meant to be single evening and single-day weekend classes. 

Some ideas we have come up with are:

Tool Intro and Fundamental Classes (tablesaw, bandsaw, router table, etc.)

Essential Skills (milling, basic joinery, template routing, finishing, etc.)

Small Projects ( cutting boards, picture frames, signs, bird houses, one board projects, etc.)

If this sounds interesting, please fill out the short application below and either Austin Waldo, ASF Managing Director, or myself will get back with you to answer any questions and discuss specifics of your interest.


Warm regards,

Dave Cutherell

Community Director

Austin School of Furniture


We have several lists of topics and classes that we can also discuss with you.