Team Category: Curriculum Committee

Eduardo Chávez

Eduardo Chávez, PhD, RN is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing. Dr. Chávez has been at the School of Nursing since 2019, teaching Child Health in the Alternate Entry Master of Science in Nursing program. His area of research examines leadership behaviors of frontline clinical nurses and…


Nathan Llewellyn

Nathan Llewellyn graduated with a degree in Technology and Engineering education with an emphasis in woodworking from Brigham Young University and is currently working on completing a master’s degree in instructional technology and learning sciences from Utah State University. He works as the director of product management and user experience design at Emmersion, an educational technology…


Nicole Reidinger

Nicole Reidinger is a furniture maker and educator based in Washington DC. She currently teaches Career, Technology Education with a focus in woodworking and design skills to her middle school students in Alexandria, Virginia. She values the opportunity to make woodworking more accessible to anyone who wants to learn it and is excited to join…


Ryan Stadt

Ryan is a hobbyist woodworker and experienced educator. He has degrees in philosophy and secondary mathematics instruction, and spent several years as a high school math teacher before joining an educational technology company, where he works in corporate learning and development. He came into woodworking as a hobby when he realized he could work with…

Aspen Golann Artist and Craftwoman

Aspen Golann

Aspen Golann is an artist and a 17th & 18th century-style furniture maker living in North Carolina. Her furniture work blends contemporary art with classic American furniture forms to make subtle statements about power dynamics in the world of craft. Golann’s work has been exhibited nationally and is published in Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Period Furniture, Lost Art Press Blog, Luxe Magazine, Art New England, and artscope.

Philip Morley man in front of stack of wood

Philip Morley

As well as a contributing author in Fine Woodworking Magazine, Philip Morley is a full-time furniture maker formally trained in London, England. His style is modern with a hint of mid-century flair and has produced hundreds of custom pieces for clients all over the United States. He share this flair in all his classes with student at the Austin School of Furniture and Design