Design Curriculum Launch

Design is extremely important in furniture making. We realized that there is a huge obstacle that woodworkers must overcome when…

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image of empty warehouse interior

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are moving!

Suspendisse ad minima veniam, quis nostrum potenti. Donec quia dolores eos qui ratione venenatis, eros scelerisque volutpat qui dolorem ipsum…

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Text overlay in front of group of woodworker and furniture makers

The Woodworking Social Club

The Woodworking Social Club is bringing to the woodworking community in Austin over the shared interest in woodworking and the…

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photos of furniture makers and instructors in a mosaic

The A-Team

One of the most important aspects of business is making sure you have the right people on the bus. ASFD…

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hand drawn sketches Austin School of Furniture and Design conceptual sketches

The Importance of Identity

No matter the industry, there is no doubt that branding can make a huge impact. The Importance of Identity can…

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