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Kim McIntyre

Kim grew up around woodworking as her dad was a hobbyist and DIYer in their old house, so tools were not new to her by the early teenager years.  In college she might have left the wood shop window unlocked in order to carve bowls or do other projects that didn’t need power as those breakers were…


Dave Cutherell

Dave Cutherell is a passionate woodworker, who brings decades of professional experience to ASFD.

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Dean Cruse

A serial entrepreneur and hobbyist woodworker, Dean Cruse advises the Austin School of Furniture and Design on its Marketing and Sales efforts.

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Austin Waldo

Austin’s background is in creative digital marketing, operations, and management but his passion will always be woodworking. He has years of experience as a hobbyist furniture maker and hopes to utilize his business experience to create one of the best woodworking educational institutions.