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SOLD OUT Timber Framing (Post & Beam)


January 17th to 21st | 9am to 5pm

If you have been wanting to learn post and beam timber frame construction then this is the class for you. Patrick Moore will be teaching the age-old tradition of timber frame carpentry while constructing a large outdoor structure at the school. By the end of the week you will leave with confidence and knowledge to tackle any back-yard shelter or timber framed structure with success.

  • Materials are included

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Furniture Type

Design, Joinery, Shop Furniture

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Time Frame

Weekdays – Daytime

Name: Timber Framing (Post and Beam Construction)
Instructor: Patrick Moore
Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None

Format: 5-Day in-person course

Date: January 17th to 21st


Class Description:

This hands-on class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of structural timber framing. As a class, students will team up to build a structure on the campus that can be enjoyed by students, staff, and visitors for years to come. The instructor will begin with an overview of joinery, tools, and terminology utilized in timber frame construction. From there, the actual building process begins. Students will learn how to layout the timbers from a drawing without the use of math or trigonometry. Patrick encourages students to come and learn an age-old tradition of carpentry and participate in the construction of what will become a timeless part of the school’s history. By the end of the week students will leave with confidence and knowledge to tackle any back-yard shelter or timber framed structure with success.


Topics and skills covered will include:

  • Learn proper timber frame terminology and joinery
  • How timber frames work structurally
  • Tools and equipment necessary
  • Hands-on practice building and raising a timber frame
  • Structural and aesthetic considerations for design
  • A brief historical overview of timber frame through the millennia


What you’ll need:

You can bring these tools or you can purchase from Austin School of Furniture’s retail store.

  • 1½” timber framing chisel
    • Recommended – Barr Framing Chisel
    • For sale at ASF
  • Hand Saw
    • Recommended – Silky Katanaboy 20 in. Folding Saw
    • Or – Stanley 26” Sharptooth Saw
    • For sale at ASF
  • 25’ Tape Measure
    • Recommended – Stanley FatMax
    • For sale at ASF
  • Carpenter’s Pencil
  • Safety glasses and safety boots
  • Framing Square
    • Recommended – Carpenter’s Stainless-Steel Square
  • Mallet
    • Recommended – Lee Valley Carpenter’s 6″
    • For sale at ASF
  • Block Plane
    • Recommended – Stanley Block Plane
    • For sale at ASF
  • Plumb bob with braided string
  • 2’ Level
  • Olfa Knife
    • Recommended – Olfa Heavy Duty Cutter
  • Chalk Line
    • Recommended – Tajima Chalk-Rite Chalk Line Reel

Students may also find the following optional tools useful:

  • Sliding T-bevel
    • Recommended – Shinwa Sliding T-Bevel
  • Spokeshave
    • Recommended – Veritas Large Spokeshave
  • 1” timber framing chisel
  • Combination Square
    • Recommended – 12” Starrett® Cast-Iron Combination Squares


Austin School of Furniture has the right to cancel this class at anytime if the minimum amount of students is not reached.

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Out of stock

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