woodworking hand tools

Part 1: A Guide to Getting Started with Hand Tools

Finding the right Hand Tools to start with as a beginner can prove to be a long exercise in research and occasionally wasted money. Austin School of Furniture and Design has put together this in-depth series of articles to help guide you through your hand tool journey.

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Design Curriculum Launch

Design is extremely important in furniture making. We realized that there is a huge obstacle that woodworkers must overcome when progressing from replicating, renovating and modifying other maker’s work to creating something unique from scratch. That is why we hope to offer several design courses that will help woodworkers become amazing furniture designers.

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Texas Woodworking Festival banner with tree background


When a beer festival meets a woodworking themed farmers market you get the Texas Woodworking Festival. Food, drinks, and all things woodworking!

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image of empty warehouse interior

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are moving!

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Text overlay in front of group of woodworker and furniture makers

The Woodworking Social Club

The Woodworking Social Club is bringing to the woodworking community in Austin over the shared interest in woodworking and the need for social connections around a typically solo hobby.

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logo and hand plane on workbench The Woodworkers of Austin Spring Social 2018

The Woodworkers of Austin Spring Social 2018

Beer festival meets woodworking convention! The Woodworkers of Austin Spring Social is bringing together all the woodworkers from around central Texas for a day of cold beer, hot food, and cool woodworking.

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photos of furniture makers and instructors in a mosaic

The A-Team

One of the most important aspects of business is making sure you have the right people on the bus. ASFD made sure to get the best of the best for their A-Team.

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hand drawn sketches Austin School of Furniture and Design conceptual sketches

The Importance of Identity

No matter the industry, there is no doubt that branding can make a huge impact. The Importance of Identity can often make or break a brand and can set the company up for success.

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