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man in woodshop with apron on in front of tools

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan, an Instructor at Austin School of Furniture and Design enjoys discovering, sharing, and teaching traditional joinery techniques and methods through building functional pieces for the modern workshop and home.


Dave Cutherell

Dave Cutherell is a passionate woodworker, who brings decades of professional experience to ASFD.

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Dean Cruse

A serial entrepreneur and hobbyist woodworker, Dean Cruse advises the Austin School of Furniture and Design on its Marketing and Sales efforts.

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Mark Maček

Award-winning furniture maker and designer. Mark advises the Austin School of Furniture & Design on its furniture and design programs.

main profile photo of Shota Yamaguchi Furniture Maker and Managing Instructor standing in front of lumber Austin School of Furniture and Design

Shota Yamaguchi

Striving to preserve traditional methods and techniques while keeping them relevant to modern times, Shota Yamaguchi teaches his students how to make beautiful minimalist-inspired custom furniture pieces.

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Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox creates one-of-kind bespoke furniture with curved accents, gorgeous inlays and complex joinery with hand tools and machinery. He is proud to pass on his passion for furniture making and hand tools to his students at the Austin School of Furniture and Design.

man with glasses in front of books teacher instructor

David Heim

David Heim is the publisher and author of, “Sketchup Success for Woodworkers.” Having literally wrote the book on SketchUp he loves sharing his knowledge and experience of woodworking and design with students at the Austin School of Furniture and Design.

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Austin Waldo

Austin’s background is in creative digital marketing, operations, and management but his passion will always be woodworking. He has years of experience as a hobbyist furniture maker and hopes to utilize his business experience to create one of the best woodworking educational institutions.

Philip Morley man in front of stack of wood

Philip Morley

As well as a contributing author in Fine Woodworking Magazine, Philip Morley is a full-time furniture maker formally trained in London, England. His style is modern with a hint of mid-century flair and has produced hundreds of custom pieces for clients all over the United States. He share this flair in all his classes with student at the Austin School of Furniture and Design