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Michelle Myers

Michelle Myers began her love for woodworking in high school.  After graduating form Penn State University, she trained at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Camden, Maine. Since then, Michelle has collaborated on furniture for clients such as the Barnes Foundation and Tiffany Flagship stores. Since moving to Austin in 2018, Michelle has focused on her signature style: clean lines and dramatic curves. She enjoys dreaming up custom pieces to fit her clients’ style and space.


Ramon Valdez

Ramon’s creations are primarily one-of-a-kind pieces featured in galleries, exhibitions, and in the homes and offices of private clients.

These works of art are primarily contemporary – always drawing inspiration from nature’s graceful lines and gentle curves. Future heirlooms are created utilizing many exotic species of wood from around the world. Beautiful exotics, combined with domestic species are distinctive to Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture.


Michael Fortune

Award winning furniture designer and maker Michael Fortune passes on his knowledge and experience by teaching woodworking and design around the world.

Aspen Golann Artist and Craftwoman

Aspen Golann

Aspen Golann is an artist and a 17th & 18th century-style furniture maker living in North Carolina. Her furniture work blends contemporary art with classic American furniture forms to make subtle statements about power dynamics in the world of craft. Golann’s work has been exhibited nationally and is published in Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Period Furniture, Lost Art Press Blog, Luxe Magazine, Art New England, and artscope.

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Frank Strazza

Frank Strazza builds heirloom quality furniture one piece at a time in his small studio workshop in Central Texas. He uses traditional joinery throughout and utilizes handtools for much of his work. He has won multiple Awards for his work and has participated in building furniture for the White House in Washington D.C.


Mark Love

With a passion for education, Mark Love cares about passing on his years of expertise in furniture making to the students at Austin School of Furniture and Design.

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Curtis Turner

Curtis Turner believes one of the best parts of woodworking is learning new skills and techniques and sharing them with others.

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Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney is a professional box and furniture maker living in the United States. Not too long ago, he spent a year designing and making 52 unique boxes. He undertook the project as a means to improve his design skills but found that the woodworking community at large was interested in what he was doing,…

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Wayne Delyea

Wayne currently is a full-time furniture maker and owns and operates Wayne Delyea Furniture Maker a custom handmade furniture business near Granbury, Texas.

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Adrienne Romine

Adrienne Romine builds custom furniture under the name Half Halt Studio. Half Halt is an Austin based furniture design studio founded by Adrienne in 2018. Her background is in fine art and has used her artistic training to guide the development of a small line of carefully designed, made-to-order furniture.